Since 2009, my friend Jonathan Ball and I have tried to read 95 books each year as an ongoing New Year’s resolution. The idea was Jon’s after he found out that then-president George W. Bush had an ongoing contest with Karl Rove to see who could read more books in a year. In the year that Bush won, he read 95 books and Jon thought, if a noted idiot like Bush could read so many books, we should also be able to. Jon gives his version of the (very loose) rules over here.

The challenge is mainly back to Jon and I, but there were other folks joining in by using the hashtag #95books on Twitter.

Jon and I have also recorded a series of podcast episodes following our ongoing attempts to make it to 95 each year. Find a list of the episodes here.

Lists of books I finished each year are below. Check them out. Maybe there’s a book you want to read?


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