Articles and Essays

“Take These Poems – Please!: An Introduction.” Why Poetry Sucks: An Anthology of Humorous Experimental Canadian Poetry, edited by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jonathan Ball, Insomniac, 2014. (Written with Jonathan Ball)

“‘If everything is moving where is here?’: Lisa Robertson’s Occasional Work on Cities, Space and Impermanence.”British Journal of Canadian Studies, vol. 26, no. 2, 2013. (Written with Susan Rudy)

“‘These marked spaces lie beneath / the alphabet’: Readers, Borders, and Citizens in Erín Moure’s Recent Work.” Canadian Literature, no. 210-11, 2012. (Written with Susan Rudy)

“On 2 Works, 3 Talks, 6 Questions by Eric Moschopedis (with Keyede Osuntokun and Bryce Krynski).” For Moschopedis’ show at The New Gallery, Calgary, Sept. 11 – Oct. 10, 2015.