Dang Me (2020)

The poems in Dang Me sink into the uncomfortable fact of structural privilege. They fret at the strange, ironic grace of Roger Miller’s joking insistence that since his pappy was a pistol, he must be a son-of-a-gun. Dang Me recognizes violent cycles, only to fall apart against the inertial wall of masculinity and ask, if everyone wants to forget and no one wants to man the guillotine, is it possible to self-abolish?

above/ground press

“The Hard Heart” as published in Dang Me

dealingwithit.gif (2015)


Working at the intersection of coterie and critique, the poems in dealingwithit.gif interrogate the weird feelings that bubble up as friendships shift in the streets and on social media. Caught up in the dialectic of dealing with the shit others pile on you and expecting others to deal with your shit, these poems navigate the sticky relations at the heart of living together.

above/ground press

21st Century Monsters (2012)


A poetic mashup of tweenage hollywood and heteronormative economics, 21st Century Monsters imagines a number of world-ending scenarios, from the collapse of the environment to the collapse of capitalism to the collapse of culture. Presenting a stock-ticker tableau of immanent disaster, these poems witness our own wide-eyed shock turned into reactionary fantasy while at the same time they plumb the sites of our fear, looking to form a primer on the things that terrify us, only to wonder what it is we’re so afraid of. (Shortlisted for the 2013 bpNichol Chapbook Award)

Red Nettle Press


I have published a number of other chapbooks, primarily in Calgary in small print runs. All of these are out of print, but I have included pdfs of several of them below. Most of them are snapshots of work in progress. Some of them have been revised for inclusion in other books.

Ghost/Stray/Faint (2007-2008)

Self-published. This trio of chapbooks sharing preliminary work for what would become Fortified Castles.

Bad Shit! (2007)

Published by Kevin McPherson Eckhoff. This chapbook collects a number of terrible (but weirdly fascinating) poems that got cut from Fake Math.

Lord, I’m Set To Cry (2007)

Published by derek beaulieu. This chapbook collects a suite of prose poems meant for an abandoned project titled Ghost Prison.

Of Quixote’s Lap (2006)

Published by Jonathan Ball. This chapbook collects an unattached serial poem.

Hounds Of Love / Loss Leaders (2006)

Published by derek beaulieu. This chapbook collects a pair of one-off notebook experiments.

Adolesce (2005)

Published by rob mclennan. This chapbook collects early material from what would become Fake Math.

Social Commodities (2005)

Published by derek beaulieu. This chapbook collects an earlier version of the poem from Fake Math, originally written for a collaborative performance with Natalie Simpson, Christopher Blais, and Carmen Derksen for the 2004 Calgary Spoken Word Festival.

A Long Detonation (2004)

Self-published. This chapbook collects a sequence of poems meant for an abandoned project titled The Ogden Shops.

PyongTaek (2002)

Self-published. This chapbook collects a suite of poems written while in South Korea.

Revised Notes (2000)

Self-published. This chapbook collects poems written for Nicole Markotić’s 1999-2000 creative writing class.

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