2011 – 2018    PhD (English) Simon Fraser University
Dissertation: “What is Here Now: Assembling Poetry in Canada After the Spatial Turn”
Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Derksen
Committee Members: Dr. Christine Kim, Dr. Stephen Collis
Examiners: Dr. Christine Stewart, Dr. Geoff Mann

2009 – 2011    M.A (English) University of Calgary
Thesis: “Change its name repeatedly. Burn it down”: The Politics of Place as Impermanent in Lisa Robertson’s Occasional Work and Seven Walk from the Office for Soft Architecture
Supervisor: Dr. Susan Rudy
Examiners: Prof. Robert Majzels, Dr. Byron Miller

2002 – 2004    B.Ed (Secondary English), University of Calgary

1996 – 2001    B.A. (English), University of Calgary
Honours Thesis : “Transgressing Transgressive Communities in Nirvana’s Nevermind Videos”
Supervisor: Dr. Mary Polito



SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship ($81,000 over two years)

SFU Ann and William Messenger Fellowship ($7500)

SFU Ann and William Messenger Fellowship ($7500)
SFU Ann and William Messenger Fellowship ($7250)

SFU Contemporary Literature Research Award ($2800)
SFU Ann and William Messenger Fellowship ($7250)
SFU Graduate Fellowship ($6250)

Whitford-Stevenson Graduate Scholarship in Canadian Literature ($5700)

SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Doctoral Scholarship
($105,000 – $35,000 per year over three years)
Simon Fraser University Provost’s Prize of Distinction
($9000 – $3000 per year over three years)
Government of Alberta Graduate Student Scholarship ($3000)
English Department Service Award ($2000)

SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship ($17,500)
Estelle Milner Memorial Scholarship ($3000)
Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship ($3600)
English Department Service Award ($2500)

University of Calgary Department of English Entrance Scholarship ($6000)

Mary Esther Lily Avis Scholarship ($2500)


Canada Council for the Arts Explore and Create Grant ($25,000)

Canada Council for the Arts Individual Project Grant ($10,500)
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Individual Project Grant ($10,000)



Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto, Ont.
Supervisor: Dr. Karina Vernon


Sessional Instructor, University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto, ON
English C86: Creative Writing: Poetry II
“The Poetic Project”

Sessional Instructor, University of Toronto (Innis College), Toronto, ON
Urban Studies 234H1F: Cities in Popular Culture

Sessional Instructor, University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto, ON
English D07: Topics in Postmodern Poetry
“Poetics as Research”

Sessional Instructor, University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto, ON
English D58: Topics in Canadian Literature
“(What We Currently Call) Canadian Literature in (and out of) the City”

Sessional Instructor, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.
English 472W: Advanced Creative Writing
“The Poetic Project”

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.
English 113W: Literature and Performance. Instructor: Dr. Ronda Arab

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.
English 115W: Literature and Culture. Instructor: Dr. Jeff Derksen

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.
English 101W: Introduction to Fiction. Instructor: Dr. Deanna Reder

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.
English 206: Nineteenth-Century American Literature. Instructor: Dr. Michael Everton

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.
English 206: The Long Nineteenth Century. Instructor. Dr. Carolyn Lesjak

Graduate Tutor Marker, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.
English 102W: Introduction to Poetry. Instructor: Dr. John Whatley
(Online course through SFU’s Centre for Online and Distance Education)

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.
English 102W: Introduction to Poetry. Instructor: Dr. Anne Higgins

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.
English 105W: Issues in Literature and Culture. Instructor: Dr. Margaret Linley

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.
English 231: The Novel and Short Story. Instructor: Dr. Anne McWhir

2004 – 2009
Substitute Teacher, Rockyview School Division, Calgary, AB.


2020 –
Editor/Publisher, Model Press, Toronto, ON.

2001 – 2010
Editor/Publisher, MODL Press, Calgary, AB.

2008 – 2009
Organizer, Flywheel Reading Series, Calgary, AB.

2006 – 2007
Board President, filling Station Magazine, Calgary, AB.

2004 – 2005
Organizer, Flywheel Reading Series, Calgary, AB

2002 – 2006
Poetry Editor, filling Station Magazine, Calgary, AB.

2000 – 2001
Co-editor, (orange) Magazine, Calgary, AB.


Peer Reviewer, Canadian Literature.
Peer Reviewer, Interconnections: Journal of Posthumanism.

Co-Organizer (with Joseph Giardini, David Weston, and Haida Antolick),
SFU English Graduate Conference – “Expense and Expendability”

2013 – 2014
Past-Chair, SFU English Graduate Caucus

2012 – 2013
Chair, SFU English Graduate Caucus

2011 – 2015
Member, SFU English Graduate Conference Organizing Committee

2011 – 2012
PhD Representative, Simon Fraser Graduate English Caucus

2010 – 2011
Co-organizer (with Aaron Giovannone), University of Calgary Graduate Colloquium

2009 – 2011
Member, University of Calgary Free Exchange Conference Committee

2009 – 2010
MA Representative, Graduate Executive Council, University of Calgary English Department


Books (edited)

Why Poetry Sucks: An Anthology of Humorous Experimental Canadian Poetry. Eds. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jonathan Ball. Toronto, Insomniac, 2014.


“Material Frictions: Troubling the Ethics of Experiment in the Ecopoetic Work of Rita Wong and Christian Bök.” Studies in Canadian LiteratureForthcoming

“And Tomorrow, I’m Somewhere Else: Destabilization and Dispossession in the Vancouvers of Lisa Robertson and Mercedes Eng.” Canadian Literature, no. 236, 2018.

(With Susan Rudy). “‘If everything is moving where is here?’: Lisa Robertson’s Occasional Work on Cities, Space and Impermanence.” British Journal of Canadian Studies, vol. 26, no. 2, 2013.

(With Susan Rudy). “‘These marked spaces lie beneath / the alphabet’: Readers, Borders, and Citizens in Erín Moure’s Recent Work.” Canadian Literature, no. 210-11, 2012.

“Oh, I get it. I get jokes: Humour and the Requilting of the Social Field in Jeff Derksen’s ‘But Could I Make a Living From It’” Open Letter, vol.14, no. 2, 2010.

Book Chapters

“Does the city give us the poems? Or do the poems give us the city?: Robert Kroetsch’s Spatial Assemblages.” Robert Kroetsch: Essays on His Works. Ed. Nicole Markotić. Toronto, Guernica, 2016.

“’The last house afforded us a view of the future site of the Imperial Oil Refinery’: The Millican Ogden Community Hall as Socially-Produced Space” Knock on Any Door: Art and Social Engagement in Calgary, Eds. Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton. Calgary, Department of Forgotten Histories, 2012.

Digital Projects

Fred Wah Digital Archive ( – With Deanna Fong, Janey Dodd, Susan Rudy, Fred Wah, and others. Working from an earlier version of the project organized by Susan Rudy at the University of Calgary, we organized and assembled a digital bibliography and repository of works by and about former Parliamentary Poet Laureate Fred Wah.

Journals (Editor)

Guest Editor (with Jonathan Ball). “Why are You Laughing: Humour in Experimental Poetry.” Open Letter, vol 14, no. 2, 2010.


“Living In Messy Times: Interview with Kit Dobson.” Public, no. 55, 2017.

Catalogue Essays

“On 2 Works, 3 Talks, 6 Questions by Eric Moschopedis (with Keyede Osuntokun and Bryce Krynski).” For Moschopedis’ show at The New Gallery, Calgary, Sept. 11 – Oct. 10, 2015,


#95books – With Jonathan Ball. Ongoing feature on Ball’s Writing the Wrong Way podcast where we critically discuss texts we recently read. Each episode involves a short discussion about books we’ve individually read, followed by a longer discussion of a book we’ve read together.

Conference Presentations

Roundtable Presentation. “Reading Hot and Cold” ASAP, Virtual, October 27-30, 2021.

“On Reading Marvin Francis as Canadian Literature.” MLA, Seattle, Jan 9-12, 2020.

“Encounter, Engagement, Intimacy: Alone with Fred Wah on the Hiking Trail in ‘Dead in my Tracks: Wildcat Creek Utanikki.” ACCUTE, Vancouver, June 1-4, 2019.

“‘Pacifism is a limp dick, ladies’: Comradeship, Performance, and Living Against in Danielle LaFrance’s Friendly + Fire.” The Poetics and Ethics of Living With: Indigenous, Canadian, and Québécois Feminist Production Today, Banff, AB, Oct. 11-14, 2018.

Notes on the Fred Wah Digital Archive. Literary Manuscripts and the Digital Future, Vancouver, April 6, 2018.

“An Experiment Inside an Experiment: Christian Bök’s Xenotext, Rita Wong’s Undercurrent, and the Ethics of Engagement.” ACCUTE, Toronto, May 27 – 30, 2017.

“Poetry and Racialization in the Thick of Canadian Space.” Mikinaakominis / TransCanadas: Literature, Justice, Relation, Toronto, May 24-27, 2017.

“Already no one knows you anymore: Dislocation, Race, and the Crisis of Spatial Practice in Contemporary Canadian Poetry.” Crisis and Beyond: The Literatures of Canada and Quebec, Innsbruck, Austria, Sept. 29 – Oct. 4, 2015.

(With Deanna Fong, Simon Fraser University) “The Fred Wah Digital Archive: Affective Labour and Grassroots Stability in Digital Humanities Initiatives?” Canadian Society for Digital Humanities, Ottawa, Jun. 1-3, 2015.

(With Deanna Fong) “From Part to Archive: Assembling Book Machines in the Fred Wah Digital Archive.” ACCUTE, Ottawa, May 30 – Jun. 2, 2015.

“What is Here Now: Assembling Spaces in Canadian Literature.” ACCUTE, Ottawa, May 30 – Jun. 2 2015.

“It is a question of a model that is perpetually in construction or collapsing: Spatial Stability and Assemblage in Contemporary Canadian Poetry.” Thinking Through Deleuze: Nomadic Subjects, Global Citizenship, and Posthumanism, St. Catherines, ON, Feb. 5-7, 2015.

(With Janey Dodd). “The Calgary Poetics Archive: Toward a Digital Mapping and Archiving of Calgary’s Small Press Circulations between 1990 and 2010.” Modern Language Association, Vancouver, Jan. 8-11, 2015.

“Does the city give us the poems? Or do the poems give us the city?: Robert Kroetsch’s Spatial Assemblages.” Expense and Expendability: Simon Fraser University English Graduate Conference, Vancouver, Jun. 20-21 2014.

(With Janey Dodd). “The Calgary Poetics Archive: Digitizing Small Press Circulations in Calgary from 1990-2010.” Digital Culture Lightning Talks, Simon Fraser University Research Commons, Vancouver, Nov. 12 2013.

“‘It explains what a wall is without being a wall’: Describing and Mapping Spatial Precarity in Vancouver Poetry.”ACCUTE Conference. Victoria. Jun. 1-4, 2013.

“Of Leftover Fabric: Quilting, Rearticulation, and the Proposed Reemergence of Communism.” Marxist Literary Group Conference. Vancouver. June 25-29, 2012.

(With Norman Mack) “‘We were also led to it by a whole political context”: Imagining Collaboration as Antagonism in Occupy” SFU Grad Conference. Vancouver. Jun. 21-23, 2012.

“‘We live on this temporary framework’: On the Doubt in the Scaffold and the Scaffolding of Doubt in Lisa Robertson’s Occasional Work.” End Notes: University of British Columbia Graduate Conference. Vancouver. May 4-5, 2012.

“‘That’s the ecology of little theatres at work’: Micro-poetic Resistance and the Intensive Accumulation of Nature in Rita Wong’s Forage and Erin Moure’s Little Theatres.” Sustaining Canadas: BACS. Murray Edwards College, Cambridge. Apr. 2-4, 2012.

(With Susan Rudy). “‘If everything is moving where is here?’: Lisa Robertson’s Occasional Work on Cities, Space, and Impermanence.” Where is Here Now?: Canadian Literary Study in the 21st Century Symposium. BACS Literature Group. Eccles Center, British Library, London. Sep. 12, 2011.

“Not Quite in the Footsteps of Caribou: Toward a Production of Ecological Space in Karsten Heuer’s Being Caribou.” 2011 Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment Conference. Indiana University, Bloomington. Jun. 21-26, 2011.

“Space is Out of Joint, or ‘We have plenty of time’: Constructing Temporary Sites of Change in Lisa Robertson’s Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture.” Times Out of Joint: Simon Fraser University Graduate Conference.Jun. 15-17, 2011.

“Wearing an Office: Rethinking Genre as a Costume in Lisa Robertson’s Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture.” Free Exchange GraduateConference. University of Calgary. Mar. 4-6, 2011.

“Oh, I get it. I get jokes: Humour and the Requilting of the Social Field in Jeff Derksen’s ‘But Could I Make a Living From It’” University of Calgary Graduate Colloqium. Nov. 27, 2009.

Conference Panel Organizer

(With Deanna Fong). “Bad Deleuze, Bad Lacan.” Presenters: Danielle LaFrance (Vancouver), Lauren Fournier (Toronto), Clint Burnham (Vancouver). ACCUTE, Vancouver, June 1-4, 2019.

(With Julia Polyck-O’Neill). “Encounter, Orientation, Engagement, Swerve: Poetry and Politics.” Presenters: Jessica MacEachern (Montreal), Mathieu Aubin (UBC Okanagan), and Jacob Bermel (York). ACCUTE, Toronto, May 27 – 30, 2017.

(With Kate Siklosi), “Resistant Geographies: Poetics and Spatial Practice.” Presenters: Karina Vernon (Toronto), Julia Polyck-O’Neill (Brock), Max Karpinski (Toronto), and Mathieu Aubin (UBC). ACCUTE, Calgary, May 28, 2016.

(With Nico Dicecco, SFU). “Provisionality, Utopia, and the Promise of the Dream.” Presenters: Kyle Carpenter, Karen Correia DaSilva,Nico Dicecco, Janey Dodd, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Alex Muir, and Will Owen Dreaming Dangerously: SFU English Graduate Conference. Vancouver. June 21-22, 2013.

“Humour in Contemporary Experimental Poetry,” Presenters: Stephanie Davis, Colin Martin, and Mike Roberson. Free Exchange Graduate Conference. University of Calgary. March 14, 2010.


Review of The Poetic Imperative: A Speculative Aesthetics by Johanna Skibsrud. University of Toronto Quarterly, vol. 91, no. 3, 2022.

Review of Forgotten Work by Jason Guriel. Canadian Literature, 2021.

Review of Wanting Everything: The Collected Works by Gladys Hindmarch, edited by Deanna Fong and Karis Shearer, The Capilano Review, 2021.

“Another Nationalism.” Review of The Next Wave: An Anthology of 21st Century Canadian Poetry edited by Jim Johnstone. Canadian Literature, no. 238, 2019.

Review of Rouge by Adrian De Leon. Debutantes, 2019,

“Bearing and Scale.” Review of Voodoo Hypothesis by Canisia Lubrin and Wayside Sang by Cecily Nicholson. Canadian Literature, no. 236, 2018.

“On ‘The Young Hate Us” by Donato Mancini.” Review of Loitersack by Donato Mancini. Subterrain Line Break Blog, 2015,

“Between Light and Time.” Review of White Piano by Nicole Brossard, Undark by Sandy Pool, and Light by Souvankham Thammavongsa. Canadian Literature, no. 222, 2014.

“Lost in the Staging.” Review of How to Write by derek beaulieu. Open Air Bindery by David Hickey, and Every Day in the Morning (Slow) by Adam Seelig. Canadian Literature, no. 210/211, 2011.

Review of Blert by Jordan Scott. The Poetic Front, vol. 2, no. 1, 2009.

Review of Booty by Brea Burton and Jill Hartman. Filling Station, no. 41, 2008.

“Baffling Combustions are Everywhere: a review of O Spam Poams by Rob Read and Portable Altamont by Brian Joseph Davis.” Filling Station, no. 36, 2006.

“Capitalism Spreads so Easily: Widows and Orphans by Nicole Markotic.” Filling Station, no. 34, 2005.

“this house is material: grit, watermarks, bedspreads, daffodils and porch rails clean this story: The Sink House by Julia Williams.” Filling Station, no. 32, 2004.

“We’re holed up on a disputed borderline, suckers for a terrain where a minor key can make you a mill hand: The Ubiquitous Big by Ian Samuels.” Filling Station, no. 31, 2004.

“Bevel the beauty into flavour: Pornograph by Jonathon Wilcke.” Filling Station, no. 30, 2004.

“The blank page, this leaf at my hands?: mortar rake glove sausan broom basin sansui: First Book, 3 Gardens of Andalucia by Gerry Shikatani.” Filling Station, no. 30, 2004.

“Possible Reasons Why Kicks Just Keep Getting Harder To Find: Transnational Muscle Cars by Jeff Derksen.” Filling Station, no. 29, 2003.

“I want to see bravery enacted in a heel: O Cidadán by Erin Mouré.” Filling Station, no. 25, 2002.



Sunny Ways. Halifax/Picton, Invisible, 2023.

Coast Mountain Foot. Vancouver, Talonbooks, 2021.

Fortified Castles. Vancouver, Talonbooks, 2014.

Fake Math. Montreal, Snare Books, 2007.


Dang Me. Ottawa, above/ground, 2020.

dealingwithit.gif. Ottawa, above/ground, 2015.

21st Century Monsters. Edmonton, Red Nettle, 2012.

Ghost/Stray/Trace. Calgary, MODL, 2007-08.

Bad Shit! Calgary, by the skin of me teeth, 2007.

Lord, I’m Set to Cry. Calgary, No, 2007.

Of Quixote’s Lap. Calgary, Martian, 2006.

Hounds of Love/Loss Leaders. Calgary, No, 2006.

Adolesce: Ottawa, above/ground, 2005.

Social Commodities. Calgary, No, 2005.

A Long Detonation. Calgary, MODL, 2004.

PyongTaek. Calgary, MODL, 2002.

Revised Notes. Calgary, MODL, 2000.

Relational/Performance Work

Spatial Intimacies Reading Group (2019) – Over a three-month period, I led an online theory reading group related to the emergent concept of spatial intimacy. Additionally, I wrote and self-published a set of autotheoretical documents that reflected on the course’s material. 

Commissioned Works (2010) – Over a six-month period, I solicited and fulfilled a number of commissions from members of the public in order to perform the role of poet as contract employee. Funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Choose Yer Own Festival (2009 – 2011) – With Laura Leif, Dana Schloss, Sean Stewart, and many others. Co-organized decentralized summer festival that encouraged community members to plan their own events, encouraging all-ages, collaborative fun that attempted to imagine the city outside economic exchange.

Work in Anthologies

“Wolf Skills.” The Enpipe Line. Edited by Christine Leclerc et al. Smithers, B.C., Creekstone, 2012.

“An excerpt from rope ghost.” Holy Beep! Edited by Natalie Zina Walschots. Calgary, Filling Station/No, 2007.

“from Lord, I’m Set to Cry.” Fractals of Conversation. Edited by derek beaulieu. Calgary: No, 2006.

Two poems from Fake Math. Shift and Switch. Edited by derek beaulieu, Jason Christie, and Angela Rawlings. Toronto, Mercury, 2005.

“A Fine Occupation.” Post-Prairie. Edited by Jon Paul Fiorentino and Robert Kroetsch. Vancouver, Talonbooks, 2005.

“From The Ogden Shops.” Writing the Terrain: Travelling Through Alberta with the Poets. Edited by Robert M. Stamp. Calgary, U of Calgary P, 2005.

Selections from The Odgen Shops. Evergreen: Six New Poets. Edited by rob mclennan. Windsor, Black Moss, 2002.


“(orange) (2000-2002): Bibliography and Interview.” Interviewed alongside Nikki Reimer and Chris Patrick Carolan. Interviewed by rob mclennan. rob mclennan’s blog, January 20, 2022.

“8-Ball Interview with ryan fitzpatrick.” Interviewed by Jonathan Ball. Writing the Wrong Way, 9 Jan 2018,

Touch the Donkey supplement #26: Seven Questions for Ryan Fitzpatrick.” Interviewed by rob mclennan. Touch the Donkey, May 1, 2015,

“a case made in lowers: an interview with ryan fitzpatrick.” Interviewed by rob mclennan. 17 Seconds: a journal of poetry and poetics, no. 1, 2008,

“Interview with ryan fitzpatrick.” Interviewed by Jonathan Ball. Dandelion, vol. 34, no. 1, 2008.

Poetics Statement

“Talking Poetics #19: ryan fitzpatrick.” Ottawa Poetry Newsletter, 15 May 2020,    fitzpatrick.html.

Work in Periodicals

“A Few Notes on Intimacy.” Vancouver, The Capilano Review, 2022.

“Well, Okay.” Ottawa, Nobody no. 2, 2021.

“Well, Okay.” Ottawa, Periodicities, 2021.

“Well, Okay.” Train: a poetry journal, 2020.

“Well, Okay.” Aze vol. 4, no. 1, 2020.

“That’s The Way I Always Heard It Should Be.” Counterclockwise, special issue of Canada and Beyond, vol. 8, 2019.

“It’s Just The Way We Are Together”; “Oh, I Don’t Need A Hand In Mine To Feel”; “Both The Value And Limits Of Such An Approach”; “Let It Know The Burden Of Your Blues.” Talking About Strawberries All Of The Time, 2019,

“Maybe Learn To Make Your Bed”; “Why Whatever It Is Sucks.” Soundbite, no. 2, 2019,

“A Less Original Life”; “Assembly, For What It’s Worth.” Antilang, no. 2-3, 2019.

“The Economic Case for Tackling Loneliness”; “False Creek, Reconciliation Bridge”; “It Keeps Changing Fast, It Doesn’t Last For Long.” Our Teeth, 2018,

“And Tomorrow, I’m Someone Else”; “Does Your Hometown Care?” Capitalism Nature Socialism, vol. 28, no. 4, 2017.

Three Poems (from Dealing With It). Oakland, Tripwire, no. 12, 2016.

Three Poems (from Dealing With It). Vancouver, Prism International, vol. 54, no. 4, 2016.

Three Poems (from Dealing With It). Vancouver, The Capilano Review ti-TCR web supplement, no. 14, 2016.

“This Racket Seems to Like a Good Poem.” Vancouver, The Tartan, no. 1, 2015.

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“Why I Am Not A Poet” / “Heart of Darkness (abridged)” / “Is it Always Wrong to Break the Law?” Prince George, BC, Dreamland, no. 4, 2014.

“My Hiroshima (After Burtynsky).” Vancouver, Poetry is Dead, no. 10, 2014.

“The Dark Heart (Early Draft).” Victoria, Stroboscope, no. 1, 2013.

“Vancouver Notebook (MLG 06/25/12 – 06/29/12).” Vancouver, Contours: Journal of the Institute for the Humanities, no. 3, 2012.

From Field Guide. Toronto, Incongruous Quarterly, no. 5, 2012.

From Field Guide. Vancouver: The Capilano Review, vol. 3, no. 16, 2012.

“Falkland Islands Wolf (Dusicyon australis).” Vancouver, Poetry is Dead, no. 3, 2011.

“Levuana Moth (Levuana irridescens)”/”Insular Cave Rat (Heteropsomys insulans).” Calgary, Laser, no. 3, 2010.

From Fortified Castles. Vancouver, Event, vol. 39, no.2, 2010.

From Fortified Castles. Winnipeg, Contemporary Verse 2, vol. 32, no. 3, 2010.

“I Am Afraid Of Change.” Montreal, Vallum, vol. 7, no. 1, 2010.

From Fortified Castles. Ottawa, Arc, no. 63, 2010.

“Napoleon Bonaparte”; “Moctezuma I”; “Moctezuma II”; “Nicolae Ceausescu.” Calgary, Filling Station, no. 45, 2009.

From Fortified Castles. Ashland, OR, West Wind Review, 2009.

From Fortified Castles. Calgary, Nōd, no. 9, 2008.

From Fortified Castles. Calgary, Dandelion, vol. 34, no. 1, 2008.

From Ghost Prison and Fortified Castles. Windsor: Windsor Review, vol. 41, no. 2, 2008.

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From Fake Math. Calgary, Nōd, no. 1, 2005.

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“The Orange Setting Sun”; “Since the Enemy is Evil”; “Dear God, I am

Policeman”; “The Soft Bomb.” Calgary, Dandelion, vol. 30, no.1, 2004.

“Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle”; “If I Were Writing an Anti-War Poem.” St. Catherine’s, ON, Grey Borders, no. 1, 2003.

“a spade where the rail goes.” Ireland: Lantern Review, no. 3, 2003.

“The Soft Bomb”; “The Self-Healing Minefield.” London, ON, Incunabula, vol. 3, no. 1, 2003.

“mechanics”; “paint slip”; “struct.” Calgary, Orange, no. 5, 2002.

“from the ogden shops.” Calgary, Filling Station, no. 22, 2001.

“stutter.” Calgary, Slant, no. 1, 2001.

“the synapse”; “a spade where the rail goes.” Ottawa, Stanzas, no. 25, 2001.

“from the stars above ogden.” Calgary, endNOTE, no 3-4, 2001.

“In a Revision, Juliet.” Toronto: Dig, no. 8, 2001.

“untitled.” Calgary: Bemused, no. 1, 2001.


In Conversation with Nikki Reimer and Ryan Fitzpatrick, moderated by Kit Dobson, organized by filling Station magazine and Shelf Life Books. Calgary, AB/Virtual. October 26, 2021.

“Literary Magazines and the Future of Canadian Literature.” Creative reading/panel with Clea Young, Kayla Czaga, Lori McNulty, and Ryan Fitzpatrick, hosted by Aislinn Hunter. CCWWP Conference, Vancouver, BC, May 17, 2014.

Recent and Selected Readings

Real Vancouver Writers Series, organizers Dina Del Bucchia and Sean Cranbury, Vancouver, BC/Virtual, February 27, 2022.

Talonbooks Fall 2021 Poetry Launch, Vancouver, BC/Virtual. November 4, 2021.

Knife|Fork|Book East Launch, organizer Kirby, Toronto, ON. October 23, 2021.

Common Reading Series, organizer Daniel Renton, Toronto, ON. February 24, 2020.

Fundraiser for Sprott House LGBTQ2S+ Youth Shelter, organizer Shannon Maguire. Glad Day Books, Toronto, ON. January 26, 2019.

Knife|Fork|Book, organizer Jeff Kirby. Toronto, ON. December 1, 2018.

Cloth Reading, organizer Danielle LaFrance, 8East, Vancouver, BC, October 6, 2018.

Poetry in the Park, organizer Aidan Chafe. New Westminister, B.C. July 18, 2018.

Strangers on a Train Reading Series, organizers Thor Polukoshko and Heather Jessup. Langara College, Vancouver, B.C. September 26, 2017.

Prism Magazine Showcase. Word Vancouver. Vancouver, B.C. September 25, 2016.

On Edge Reading Series, organizers Rita Wong and Jacqueline Turner. Emily Carr University, Vancouver, B.C. September 23, 2015.

Roughing It in the Bush Revisited, organizers Read Local BC and Daniel Zomparelli. Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. April 15, 2015.

Talonbooks Fall 2014 Launch. Pyatt Hall, Vancouver, B.C. November 12, 2014.

Launch of Fortified Castles (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and Posh Lust (Louis Cabri), organizer Bronwyn Haslam. Le Port De Tete Bookstore, Montreal, QC. November 2, 2014.

Why Fortified Cities Suck: Book Launch for Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jeremy Stewart, organizer Nikki Reimer. Shelf Life Books, Calgary, AB. November 1, 2014.

Flywheel Reading Series, curator Natalie Simpson. Pages Books on Kensington, Calgary, AB, March 14, 2013.

Play Cthonics Reading Series, curated by Green College at UBC. Vancouver, B.C. September, 19, 2012.

Kranky Reading Series, curator Garry Thomas Morse. Kranky Cafe, Vancouver, B.C. September 8, 2011.

Flywheel Reading Series, curators Stephanie Davis and Meghan Doraty. Pages Books on Kensington, Calgary, AB, September 3, 2009.

Calgary Folk Festival. filling Station Tent, Calgary, AB. July 25, 2009.

Passion Pitch Reading Series, curator Kirk Ramdath. Weeds Cafe, Calgary, AB. December 17, 2008.

Factory (West) Reading Series, curators Trisia Eddy and Lainna Lane El Jabi. The ARTery, Edmonton, AB. December, 14, 2008.

Nōd Magazine Launch. Weeds Café, Calgary, AB. June 12, 2008.

A Celebration of Creative Writing Success. University of Calgary, Calgary, AB. March 17, 2008.

“You’re Just My Type.” Uppercase Gallery, Calgary, AB. February, 9, 2008.

CBC Poetry Face-Off. Auburn Saloon, Calgary, AB. January 31, 2008.

Calgary Extravaganza. Lunchbox Theatre, Calgary, AB. December 8, 2007.

FAKE MATH Book Launch. Birds and Stone, Calgary, AB. November 30, 2007.

Vancouver Launch of FAKE MATH, Thumbscrews, and Wonderfull. Café Montmartre, Vancouver, BC. November 23, 2007.

Disjunct! Poetry Series, curator: Nikki Reimer. Spartacus Books, Vancouver, BC. November 21, 2007.

Edmonton Launch of FAKE MATH, and Wonderfull. Remedy Café, Edmonton, AB. November 17, 2007.

Saskatoon Launch of FAKE MATH and Wonderfull. McNally Robinson Booksellers, Saskatoon, SK. November 15, 2007.

Winnipeg Launch of FAKE MATH, Thumbscrews, and Wonderfull. Aqua Books, Winnipeg, MB. November 13, 2007.

Windsor Launch of FAKE MATH, Thumbscrews, and Wonderfull. Milk Bar, Windsor, ON. November 9, 2007.

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON. November 8, 2007.

Egress Reading Series, curator: Andy Weaver. York University, Toronto, ON. November 6, 2007.

Strong Words Reading Series, curators: Matt Blair and Moez Surani. Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON. November 5, 2007.

AB Reading Series, curator: Max Middle. Ottawa City Hall, November 1, 2007.

Québec City launch of FAKE MATH, Thumbscrews, and Wonderfull. Morrin Centre, Québec, QC. October 30, 2007.

Coach House/Snare/Vehicule Fall Launch. Green Room, Montréal, QC. October 28, 2007.

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