001 Julia Polyck-O’Neill – Material
002 rob mclennan – Poems for MODL Press
003 Rob Budde – When The Earth Breaks Up With Us
004 Jessi MacEachern – Ravishing the Sex into the Hold
005 Félix Ruiz de la Orden – New Age Remedies
006 Nikki Reimer – softbody
007 Jason Christie – Heavy Metal Litany
008 Dina Del Bucchia – Douche Process
009 Stuart Ross – Ten
010 Jessica Smith – FEVER
011 Claire Lacey – Concussion Chapter 7
012 Nathan Dueck – Brecht/Cage
013 melanie brannagan frederiksen – poseidon’s cove, athena’s cave
014 Sarah Hilton – homecoming

Model Press is an online-based poetry micropress. It is the reincarnation of my earlier press MODL, based out of Calgary/Mohkinstsis from 2000-2010. MODL published small print editions of poetry, fiction, and visual art, working occasionally and locally. Model Press proposes to shift this practice online, publishing relationally proximate work that I feel needs care and attention.

Model Press on the TIFA Small Press Map

Model Press does not accept unsolicited submissions.

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