Below is a selection of poems available online. For further periodical publications, please take a look at my cv.

An excerpt from Sunny Ways on Open Book.

“A Letter to Hammertown” in We Did It!?

An excerpt from Field Guide (2011) in Dandelion.

An excerpt from Well, Okay in Periodicites.

An excerpt from Well, Okay in Train.

An excerpt from Well, Okay in Aze.

“That’s The Way I Always Heard It Should Be” (from Dealing With It) in Counterclockwise, special issue of Canada and Beyond edited by Larissa Lai, Neil Surkan, and Joshua Whitehead.

“It’s Just The Way We Are Together,” “Oh, I Don’t Need A Hand In Mine To Feel,” “Both The Value And Limits Of Such An Approach,” and “Let It Know The Burden Of Your Blues” (from Dealing With It) in Talking About Strawberries All Of The Time

Recordings of “Off Spectrum” and “American Pie” (from Dealing With It) made at the Flywheel Reading Series in Calgary – October 11, 2018

“And Tomorrow, I’m Someone Else” and “Does Your Hometown Care?” in Capitalism Nature Socialism

“The Economic Case for Tackling Loneliness,” “False Creek, Reconciliation Bridge,” and “It Keeps Changing Fast, It Doesn’t Last For Long” (from Coast Mountain Foot) in Our Teeth

“06/25/12 – 06/29/12” (from Coast Mountain Foot) in Contours

“I Just Want To Escape,” “I Want To Feel Free,” and “Cutie Marxism” (from Fortified Castles) in Lemon Hound

“Abstinence Vampires” and “I’m Obsessed With It” (from Fortified Castles) on Jonathan Ball’s blog

“This Poetry Feels Like A Good Racket” (from Fake Math) with a lovely essay by Jason Christie in Lemon Hound

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